What we do?

from waste to wholesale

JORS recognizes the (protein) challenges of the current food industry. From creating new markets like insect protein to creating circular loops in existing agriculture. JORS is here to help the food industry evolve quicker,  working on education, adoption, and partnering to create sustainable value chains. 


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Research & Development


JORS participates in international research on further development of the insect value chain through the SUSINCHAIN project. 

JORS also guides student groups from Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUAS) on topics related to sustainable food chains. 

Adoption & Education

Feed and Food

The Western world is not yet ready to accept new protein sources like insects or algae as feed or food on a daily basis. A huge change process needs to take place to come to an adoption level similar to other continents around the world.


The way of the world is largely taught to us by our parents, our teachers and society around us. To make future generations aware of how insects fulfil a vital role as nature’s upcyclers, and make them a normal part of our diet, we are looking to develop an educational program. We are still looking for people who can help us so feel free to reach out! 


Awareness through food markets and parterships with food institutions can also further accelerate adoption among adults which is why JORS is developing a foodtruck concept. We are still looking for partners to develop tasty protein snacks for sources like insects and algae, feel free to reach out if you want to participate. 




The circular economy depends on strong value chains. I would love to help your organisation building circular value chains through partnerships or freelance assignments.


With a strong background in Project Management, Supply Chain and Product Development and the latest knowledge on Sustainability Business Management from Oxford University, JORS can support you in a wide variety of assignments. 


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