Storage rack

When you keep expanding your external storage with single external HDD’s, your storage solution can get a bit messy. Since all my disks were connected to the HTPC in the… Read more »

Headset upgrade

After a very long period of service, a fall from a huge tower PC finally managed to kill my Senheisser HD555. One of the ears was completely severed from the… Read more »

mount EFI-partition

I wrote a bat file that requests administrator privileges, then assigns the EFI partition before killing explorer.exe and restarting it as administrator. This way you can easily edit settings for… Read more »

Mobo rescue

A friend gave me his motherboard that broke after a flashing attempt. I searched for a cheap solution to flash the bios from an external device. Since I already owned… Read more »


This is the reprap I put together. The soldering was the best part :P. Calibrating it isn’t that much fun. The wiring is a bit messy, but it looks better… Read more »